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Banks, dungarees and Kenny Anderson

Photos & Text: T. Gentsch

When the trees just started to get their leaves back in 2019, a small group of Brixton team riders embarked on a journey through Germany, precisely Berlin and Münster. The trip was to promote the new Brixton X Independent Collab collection and Titus shops in both cities featured special exhibitions. Dolan Stearns and Kenny Anderson as well as European team riders Lucas Languasco, Adrian Chabiron, and Flo Westers were in attendance. In addition, long-time Brixton photographer Tobin Yelland was present with a special photo collection presented at Titus Münster and the HW8 Gallery in Berlin. While there was plenty to do in the short four-day span, the amazing temperatures during their stay meant that we had to get out and skate!

In Berlin, the crew went from Neukölln to Marzahn and it was very interesting to see how the team approached the various spots. At the Gleisdreieck on a Saturday afternoon, the spot is practically un-skatable due to it being flooded with children and young Berlin families. Regardless, Dolan carefully found his way through the “living obstacles” to attack the spine-bank and get some tricks. Later, there was a demo in the Titus Berlin shop-bowl which may have been one of the best sessions to ever go down there – especially due to Kenny Anderson’s back noseblunts! Finally, it was on to the HW8 Gallery where practically the entire Berlin scene had showed up for a night celebrating photography and skateboarding.

Where the evening had ended, the day began the next morning. We packed the photos into our van at the gallery and headed back towards Münster to meet the skaters travelling there by train. Unfortunately, the weather in Münster wasn’t the greatest, so after a short mini-ramp session inside Skater’s Palace, the sun came out and we headed to a wallride spot under a bridge in Hiltrup. Here, Kenny got a classic wallride photo. That evening, an exhibition in Titus Rollsport Münster brought the Brixton x Independent Tour to an end.

A special thanks to all riders as well as Quentin Loritte and Jason Lee from Brixton for this short but very nice trip.