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Destroy Like Roy 2018 | Team "Keep Pushing"

"King of the Road" in Erfurt / Germany

Photos & Text: T. Gentsch

I first heard of “Destroy like Roy” around three years ago. I consider myself somewhat of a veteran when it comes to skate trips and I’m a fan of Thrasher's "King of the Road", so I was definitely down to get in on this event if given the chance. 2017 passed me by, but as soon as I saw the first videos from the event, I knew I had to be apart the 2018 tour! After speaking with Tilman from Titus Erfurt, I secured a spot among the 9 teams involved. The only problem was that I needed a crew! Interestingly, very few of the guys I asked to join had heard of DLR before. So, after what felt like explaining the same thing many times, I got together a team of five great skaters.  

For this type of tour, it’s not just essential that your team can skate under pressure, but also that they have a wide variety of skills. You should have at least one dude willing to skate huge spots, one tech skater, and someone who rips on transition. It’s also helpful to have an all-rounder who not only skates everything, but that is also willing to do some of the gnarly non “skate-related” challenges. In our case, I actually just assigned several of these tasks to myself with the help of Fabian Michel! Our team featured Josh Junkes, Dominic Wenzel, David Neier and Alex Ring with the help of Christian Blümle behind the camera and myself taking photos and helping with filming.


Andy Roy himself fireing up the teams!

We arrived on Friday evening to our place for the night, an "alternative youth center". We headed straight to the store to stock up on tons of beer for the next day. However, we forgot to buy a melon, which was an important part of the following morning’s challenges. In hindsight, this was a mistake because we quickly learned that every second counts! At nine the next morning, we met at Titus Erfurt to receive our task books. After a round of champagne, we started at 10 o’clock sharp. Destroy like Roy was on!


Second place: Team "Keep Pushing"

I could write a book about all the crazy shit that went down from the moment we started, but that would probably be a bit too much. So, here’s some of the highlights:

- We needed to buy a melon the night before because the challenge was to build a “melon helmet”.
- David Neier was quick to volunteer for the “take a shit in public” challenge, but his only concern was having toilet paper. Being the good TM I am, I had a roll with me and David marked the challenge complete.
- For night challenges, always remember to bring a light for the camera!
- You should have at least 2 full-time filmers on your trip.
- Every spare minute should be used to study the task book.


After the first 17 hours or so, I had a good feeling about our team. The guys had been wreaking havoc and collecting points until about 3 in the morning before we finally called it a day. The next morning, we were up and headed straight to a concrete park to film 20+ transition tricks. Even after all this, a glance at our task book revealed quite a few single & city tasks left to complete. Around 4pm that day, the crew started to get that feeling you get at school when you have a big exam coming and you still haven’t studied – it was crunch time!

At this point, the crew was getting seriously exhausted – but that didn’t stop them from going hard until the end! We easily clocked 1000 points in the last two hours alone. With one more tattoo on my body and many great experiences for our crew later, team “Keep Pushing” landed in second place! Mad respect to teams “Fly Voltage” and “Dream” who scored a first and third place. Special thanks to Titus Erfurt, Tilman, and all the other crazy dudes who came up with this amazing event – you rock!

Videopremiere & awards ceremony in the Kalif Storch / Erfurt at the 10.11.2018