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DPY - De Paris retrospective exhibition

An exhibition in the city of Paris in times of lockdown and curfew


Words & Photos: T. Busuttil

In collaboration with the City of Paris and Hold association, DPY editions presents its first 2013 - 2020 retrospective. This exhibition aims to tell part of the recent Parisian skateboard history through features published in our books over the past years. It showcases the work of a new scene of photographers, following skateboarders and  fine-tuning their own photo aesthetic along the way. The exhibition will sensitize the moments and aesthetic of skateboarding often shared or perceived between skaters and pedestrians. The first exhibition dedicated to Parisian skateboarding, its skaters, the evolution of the scene, and its relation to architecture.
Observe this social group of urban explorers among the crowds.

Titus skateshop is proud to be partner with the first Paris skateboard retrospective exhibition, organized by DPY ( De Paris Yearbook).
A selection of chronologically sorted photos from 2013 to 2020 published in the previous books of the series.

Curation : Thomas Busuttil
Coordination : Stéphane Borgne
Art Direction : Nicolas Malinowsky


Follow Dustin Dollin through the outdoor-exhibition

Through a series of 28 panels and 15 photographers, let yourself be carried away by this photographic adventure across the city with those who keep our streets alive. Venture to the borders of Paris, where skaters quest for uncharted places to skate and test the possibilities of the architecture.

After the session, the spot becomes a collective frame where each has left a mark of their activity. The city becomes an open air gallery for those who look at it through the eyes of a skater. For those who can’t attend the exhibition in Paris, an interactive version will be available from April 4th at the following address:

Prints of the photos will be available to purchase online at:

The exhibition will also unveil the first photos of our new book!

Photos by:

Felix Sharper
Fred Mortagne
Alex Pires
Thibault Lenours
Guilliaume Perimony
Khalid Chiba
Maxime Verret
Jelle Keppens
Nicolas Huynh
Clement Chouleur
Thomas Busuttil
Fabien Ponsero
Pierre Prospero
Benjamin Deberdt