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Go Skateboarding Day 2018 | Münster

Werke isn't a tennis court!

Photos: T. Gentsch
Translation: M. Kuncaitis

"Is that blood dripping from his nose?" asked Domi from Titus Rollsport. He wasn't talking about one of the skaters, but rather a strange and comical character you can find hanging out at one of our favorite skate spots at any given time. Local legend Herbie was busy doing one of his last Pressure Flip variations in a Game of Skate versus, well, everyone! In the background, some dude who helped himself to a few too many from our Titus beer crate was busy throwing a tennis racket in the air, only to let it come down and smash him in the face. While silly, these are the type of shenanigans that make skating and hanging out at Stadtwerke always entertaining and just so much fun!

After pushing around Münster a little aimlessly last year, we decided to step our game up for 2018 and gather for an epic session at an iconic Münster spot, Stadtwerke! Considering the two newly installed ledges, a kicker, flatrail, and just an awesome atmosphere, around 70 skaters showed up to skate together. The final event was a Game of Skate against Herbie Streckmann, which practically nobody stood a chance. Herbie has nearly every pressure flip variation on lock and it's been that way for about 20 years. The skaters put up a fight, but Herbie came out on top. Check out all the action in the GSD 2018 Stadtwerke Münster video and the photos. A special thanks to Nico and Domi for the beer and prizes, as well as Georg “Gniggi” Anders and #stadtwerkedertraeume for making this day possible!