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Created by T. Gentsch | News

Miniramp Jam 2020 | supported by Santa Cruz & Independent

International Winter-Skatefeast in Münster

Photos & Words: T. Gentsch

If there was one discipline in skateboarding that would have had a place in the games in a Roman coliseum 2000 years ago, it would surely be miniramp skating. In a Miniramp, street- and transition skating mix together, the number of tricks you can do is uncountable and you can sometimes still roll away from tricks that already seemed bailed. This makes it especially attractive for the spectators and that's what such games are all about - fun for the masses! In addition, a wooden Miniramp also provides a playing surface for the players, and, in contrast to a concrete Bowl or a Vert-Ramp, forgives small mistakes - a pure "fun terrain" so to speak. The fact that potential Olympic participants are still primarily on the skateboard for the fun of it was once again demonstrated par excellence at the Miniramp Jam 2020 in Münster in mid-February. Between Simple-Session and Bowl qualification contests for Tokyo, Europe's top transition athletes found their way to the small town of Münster to have an unprecedented battle in the ramp under the roof of the Skaters-Palace - but not without visiting all the other transitions in Münster first. 

Since the actual competition only started early Saturday evening, but most of the riders from abroad had already arrived on Friday, the first thing to do in mild February weather was to check out the transition spots in Münster, namely the Bowl at Berg Fidel and the "BTC" DIY spot. Where many locals stare with awe into a deep hole, especially skaters from Denmark see lines that you can only dream of. It seemingly pays off when you grow up in the ALIS Bowl in Christiania. After everyone had had some fun on the inviting flat rail, the guys from Copenhagen gave everyone a lesson in "padless concrete bowl riding" and Björn Lillesoe just flew a 12 foot (4 Meter) Fs Boneless. Grant Taylor would have been proud of him and even Alex Hallford could hardly believe what he had just seen. After a good hour the magic was over and we went on to the „BTC“ DIY- Round Two, Fight!

Since the weather was amazingly good, there was already a busy session of the locals when we arrived at the „BTC“. The "stars" lined up seamlessly and blessed the relatively new corner with some "first-everers". Bart Buikman's fat Bs Ollie Disaster remained in our memory, where he broke his deck but still continued riding down the trannie. Alex Hallford and Jordan Thackeray treated the Spine with some crazy combos and you could really feel how much the guys liked the spot. Props to the „BTC“ crew, who brought new life into a formerly dead piece of land with their sacrificial work.

From 5 p.m. on, everyone slowly but surely went to the Skaters-Palace, the place where the real action took place. Also in 2020, Titus' boys had once again come up with two innovations on the ramp, which were to give the spectacles a very special touch. On the one hand, a wallride was pulled up in the left corner, on the other hand there was a best-trick contest on/over a real former pool ladder. When it was finally going to start at 7 pm, the "top riders" had to be brought from their domicile to the ramp, as they were still in another (internal) contest of the "who builds the fastest" side event. "Oh, you're not even registered yet? - Here we go!"

Right upon arrival at the ramp floating under the ceiling, however, everyone was just as quickly occupied with rolling as before in the nearby accommodation. You could also call it a brutal lesson in terms of "that's what you can do on a coping“. Little by little more riders from the Netherlands and Germany showed up, so in the end there was a starting field of 30 skaters. Nobody had expected this and so the eleminations turned out a bit longer than expected. However, as there was plenty of beer available at a reasonable price, the boys were able to easily overlook this small deficiency. And when the eleminations were over after two hours, everybody had power for the Best-Trick Contest - at the Pooleiter! Here it turned out that such an obstacle has unimagined potential and almost everything (un)imaginable was shown at the three-step aluminium entry. Yeah Hallford!

The regular finals followed, in which the top 3 turned up the heat a bit more. Never before had the ramp experienced such a trick massacre, and the fact that Lenni Janssen "only" reached 6th place with an almost stay-on run speaks fort he hight level. Although visibly exhausted, the same protagonists gave themselves a Highest Air Contest, where Jordan rang the bells at a Madonna with his tail. Jonas and Hallford slammed their bodies against the ceiling and shared the victory for the highest air. And bang, the Miniramp-Jam 2020 was already over again. Thanks to all sponsors and supporters, namely Santa Cruz und Independent Trucks, GIRL Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels und Titus as well as all the riders, some of whom had taken adventurous trips with a flixed bus. Hopefully we will all meet again this summer for the DIY Riot!