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Skateparks under the magnifying glass | "de Fabriek" - Enschede / The Netherlands

A closer look at the new "De fabriek" skatepark!

Especially when it comes to skateboarding, it's not uncommon for us Germans to look enviously at our Dutch neighbors. Even small to medium-sized Dutch cities often offer unique street spots thanks to modern architecture and even in the smallest village you can often find a skatepark. Somehow, you always have a feeling that in the Netherlands, more is done for the youth and the sports they enjoy. This is reflected not the least by the many world-renowned pro skaters from the rather small country. The Netherlands has many indoor skateparks which offer skaters the opportunity to hone their skills year-round. Depending on where you live in Germany, you can have a piece of this delicious cake without having to travel too far. So, it was obvious for our crew from the Münsterland to take a closer look at the new skatepark in the city of Enschede!

Skatepark "de fabriek" in Enschede is part of a "multi-sport center", where you can indulge in various other sporting activities besides skateboarding. Basketball, climbing, badminton, as well as sports-oriented workshops of various kinds find a warm roof over their heads here. The park has existed since 2013 and has always been a destination for skateboarders from the Münsterland, not to mention the Dutch locals. After the course had been completely redone in summer 2020, we actually wanted to do a skatepark checkout immediately with a mix of Titus team riders from Germany and the Netherlands, but unfortunately, new Covid-19 restrictions got in the way.

So it took until February 2022 until covid restrictions were relaxed to a degree that we were invited stress-free to a "private session" in the evening. In addition to Dutch Titus Skateboards Pro Jelle Maatman, there were some other Dutch shredders in attendance. In addition, Titus Tornado's veteran Andi Welther was there, which led to a legendary session.

So if you're ever in the area, you definitely don’t want to miss a session in the new park. The entrance fee is very reasonable for what you get. In addition, the bar area offers inexpensive drinks and snacks. On top of that, the "mastermind" of the park, Kees Jakobs, came up with the idea a few years ago to hold an annual "Netherlands vs. Germany" contest at the skatepark, which is definitely worth a visit; top-class European skateboarding!

Important info for the skatepark:

Address |  Hoge Bothofstraat 49, 7511 ZA Enschede, Niederlande

Hours |  Wednesday-Saturday from 14:00h - 23:00h, Sundays from 13:00h - 20:00h, Closed Monday and Tuesday

Entry fee |  6,- Euro

Skate lessons |  Available for young and old by request

Contests |  POLA Contest, Nederlands vs. Duitsland