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TITUS "Destroy the spot" | Rotterdam

The real street event returns to the Netherlands!

Photos & Words: T. Gentsch

Almost exactly three years ago, TITUS and Flatspot Magazine dared to experiment whether it was possible to carry out a "real” street contest at a street spot without any permits. The contest would be complete with music, an announcer, and prize money, but take place in true guerilla style. The 2018 “test city” was Arnhem, Netherlands, where the iconic "Provinciehuis" features several spots within a small area and the right conditions for such an event. One of the coolest things about skateboarding is that it can be difficult for common people to distinguish an “event” from a casual skate session. Just as we had hoped, the contest went off without any confrontation from law enforcement or even upset pedestrians.


Especially last year, life with the pandemic made cross-border events considerably more difficult, so we brought the “Destroy the Spot” contest to the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany. Again, the event was held without permits and even passing cops didn’t give us a glance.

So, how do things look a year later in 2021? Our Dutch contact and Flatspot Magazine mastermind Mathijs Tromp wanted to get to the bottom of this question in July and invited us to the next "Destroy the Spot" event in Rotterdam.

The Dutch skate community responded quite enthusiastically to the event and it was amazing how punctually everyone arrived at the "Plein 1940" skate spot on Sunday, 18.07.2021. Thanks to the "Soundboks" from Copenhagen, the skaters were welcomed with wild music, from Scooter to Metallica, and witty comments from the host Bob. The first "spot" was a matter of combining a ledge trick on a wooden bench followed by a trick down the six stair. Kevin Tshala added a flatground trick in-between which definitely gave him a few extra points. However, the best single line was done by Lars de Weert with a high speed back tail to fakie to switch backside flip down the stairs.

As the pictures show, the Dutch weather gods were especially kind to the skaters on this Sunday - maybe even a bit too kind. As the afternoon progressed, it got so hot out that we decided to "only" go to a 10 stair around the corner and finish off the event there. Reemy Anicita won with an insane 360 double flip. But, Titus Tornados Pro Kevin Tshala didn’t let us down and scored the MvP title with a perfect frontside flip. On top of that, the skaters were super hyped with stuff handed out by Titus, whether for single tricks, jumps off the dock, or just for rad handstands! The Dutch simply know how to celebrate skateboarding and it was refreshing to be back in Rotterdam. Thanks goes out to the whole Dutch skate scene, Mathijs, Flatspot Magazine, Woody, Bob and the rest of the crew! See everyone again soon!